Pregnancy and the COVID-19 Jab

The COVID-19 inoculations have been developed extremely quickly. The trials did not include pregnant women. Where is the evidence of safety?

The safety data will only become available as more and more pregnant women get the jab under ‘Emergency Use Authorisation’ (EUA) or ‘Provisional Approval’.

The Phase 3 Trials are being rolled out as mass vaccination across the world. All who get vaccinated are subjects of experimental vaccines* never trialed on humans before.

* mRNA or adenovirus.

Pregnancy adverse events from the jab are generally not reported in hospital and are attributed to ‘getting COVID’!

Reporting systems such as VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System) and DAEN (Database of Adverse Event Notifications – Australia ) are purely voluntary and represent only 1-10% of actual adverse reactions in pregnant women .

Governments are strongly recommending COVID-19 vaccination of pregnant women and severe restrictions on the unvaccinated. This is in the face of very concerning early data on spontaneous abortions and ectopic pregnancies, as well as adverse events of pregnant women. Some countries such as Norway do not recommend COVID-19 vaccination for pregnant women during the formative first trimester. 

Early research has been compromised and flawed due to conflicts of interest. Preliminary Findings of mRNA Covid-19 Vaccine Safety in Pregnant Persons has twenty one authors, all of whom work for the CDC (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention) and/or the FDA (Food and Drug administration).    Not one has declared the  ‘red flag’ fatally flawed statistical errors hiding the seven-fold increase in spontaneous abortions after the COVID jab.

How did the researchers get away with manipulating the figures? 104 women out of 127 who received a COVID-19 vaccine in the first trimester, had a spontaneous abortion: 82%.

They diluted the figures by claiming that those who had spontaneous abortions were part of the total count of all those who were pregnant (827). However, by definition, spontaneous abortions only occur up to week twenty of pregnancy. Beyond twenty weeks they are classed as stillbirths.

The poor quality of results was compounded by the fact that more than 3000 women were never followed up. Additionally there was no data published on ability to conceive post-injection.

The onus is on pharmaceutical corporations and health departments to prove safety. The only way to achieve this is by voluntary fully informed consent of pregnant women, or women planning pregnancy in these Phase 3 trials. This is not happening.

Absence of proof of safety does not exclude the possibility of harm!



23 August, 2023 –  Disturbing Trend: Maternal Death Rates Have Soared 50% Since Vaccine Rollout in America

“The CDC separately has told us 65% of women who delivered a baby in the United States took a shot either before the pregnancy or during the pregnancy.”


4 August, 2023 – Shocking FOIA Results: $11 Million to Bribe OB-GYNs to Lie to Moms About Safety of MRNA-Vaccines

I interviewed fetal-maternal medicine specialist Dr James Thorp recently; he has been one of the very few medical providers for pregnant women and babies, to have raised the alarm about massive damage to women and babies via the mRNA injection. The interview, in a transcript  that I have edited for clarity, is one of the most important exchanges of our time.

1 June, 2023 – Dr. Naomi Wolf Uncovers Pfizer’s Depopulation Agenda, as Evidenced by Its Own Documents

Dr. Naomi Wolf Uncovers Pfizer’s Depopulation Agenda, as Evidenced by Its Own Documents

“This is a mystery novel in which the question is, how do we stop women from having healthy babies? That’s the story of the Pfizer documents.”

Read More:


25 August, 2022 – Dr Luke McLindon speaks to Graham Hood 

Dr McLinden recently spoke at length with Graham Hood on his Club Grubbery on social media. Hood said “dozens of doctors” were now approaching his group. McLinden had sounded warnings to pregnant women about potential miscarriages following mRNA shots. His personal research revealed pregnancy losses in up to 74% of the vaccinated women in his practice – 4.6 to 14.8 times higher than typical normal rates of loss which range from 5 to 16% (58 – 69% above typical losses).

10 December, 2021 – Dr. Daniel Nagase: Stillbirths Exploding Across Canada In Fully “Vaxxed” Mothers


1,969 Fetal Deaths Recorded Following COVID-19 Shots – Criminal CDC Recommends Pregnant Women Get It



3 September, 2023 – Report 83: 23% of Vaccinated Mothers’ Fetuses or Neonates Died. Suppressed Lactation and Breast Milk Discoloration Reported.

Pfizer Post-Marketing Report by Barbara Gehrett, MD; Joseph Gehrett, MD; Chris Flowers, MD; and Loree Britt                                                                                                                         

  • Twenty-eight deaths of either a fetus or neonate happened to women in the vaccinated group (124 women). So, 23% of the vaccinated mothers had fetuses or newborns who died.

    • These “losses” were described as spontaneous abortion (miscarriage) or various other terms which mean death of the fetus or baby.

23 August, 2023 – Disturbing Trend: Maternal Death Rates Have Soared 50% Since Vaccine Rollout in America

“The CDC separately has told us 65% of women who delivered a baby in the United States took a shot either before the pregnancy or during the pregnancy.”

Aterrible report by the National Center for Health Statistics, published on the CDC website, came out in the spring of this year, reported world-renowned cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough. What that report shows is that maternal death rates are increasing in America — and fast.

1 June, 2023 – Dr. Naomi Wolf Uncovers Pfizer’s Depopulation Agenda, as Evidenced by Its Own Documents

“There’s a section of the Pfizer documents in which Pfizer breaks down the adverse events and concludes that women sustain 72% of them,” she continued. “And of those — and these are Pfizer’s words — 16% are quote-unquote “reproductive disorders” compared to 0.49% for men. So they’re very focused on reproduction, on female reproduction.”

1 June, 2023 –Vaccinating pregnant mother is vaccinating child in utero, neonate: warning, COVID vaccine induced antibodies passively transferred to neonates may subvert, damage natural innate antibobies..

COVID vaccine induced antibodies passively transferred to neonates may subvert, damage natural innate antibobies from being ‘educated’, ‘trained’; neonates may be passively immunized to SARS-CoV-2 infection & the high-affinity vaccinal antibodies can outcompete infant’s innate antibodies for antigen.

23 April, 2023 – The disturbing truth about ‘safe’ vaccines for mothers-to-be – The Conservative Woman

Concentration of LNPs in ovaries, a doubled pregnancy early loss rate, and raised foetal abnormality rate across all measured categories indicate that designating a safe-in-pregnancy label (B1 category in Australia) was contrary to the available evidence. 

21 April, 2021 – Pfizer MATISSE Trial Targets Pregnant Women for Bivalent RSV Vaccine

Unprecedented Pregnancy Study Fails on Efficacy, Durability, and Offers No Assurances on Long-Term Safety

19 April, 2023 – The False Messaging on Vaccines Given to Pregnant Women

Regulatory authorities knew that animal studies showed major red flags regarding both pregnancy loss and fetal abnormalities, consistent with the systemic distribution of the mRNA they had been hiding from the public. 

1 March, 2023 – Fact check: “The covid vaccine is safe for pregnant women” Verdict: False

While anybody with any level of capacity for rational thought knows by now that there is (and never was) any need for women to get vaccinated before or during pregnancy, many still assume that the vaccine likely does no harm to them.

24 February 2023 – EXCLUSIVE: Whatever happened to Pfizer’s covid vaccine trial in pregnant women?

The trial began in 2021. But over a year after the last woman was enrolled, the company just admitted it still doesn’t have the data.

1 September, 2022 – UK Govt Tells Pregnant Women Not To Take The Vaccine

Sudden Surge in Stillbirths & Menstrual Changes

Story at-a-glance

  • At Lions Gate Hospital in North Vancouver, British Columbia, 13 babies were allegedly stillborn in a period of 24 hours; all of their mothers had received a COVID-19 injection

  • At a rally outside the hospital, doctors launched an official complaint with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police against executives at the College of Physicians & Surgeons of BC, alleging conflicts of interest influencing their policies, decisions and statements made to the people of British Columbia

  • Scotland has also experienced an unusual rise in infant death rates; during September 2021, at least 21 babies under 4 weeks died — a rate of 4.9 per 1,000 births, up from an average of 2 per 1,000 births

  • As of November 12, 2021, there were 2,620 cases of fetal death or stillbirth among women who received a COVID-19 injection reported to the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS)

  • The CDC-sponsored study that was widely used to support the U.S. recommendation for pregnant women to get injected “presents falsely reassuring statistics”

  • When the risk of miscarriage was recalculated to include all women injected prior to 20 weeks’ gestation, the incidence was seven to eight times higher than the original study indicated, with a cumulative incidence of miscarriage ranging from 82% to 91%


“A re-analysis of these figures indicates a cumulative incidence of spontaneous abortion ranging from 82% (104/127) to 91% (104/114), 7–8 times higher than the original authors’ results.” (Source)


Preliminary Findings of mRNA Covid-19 Vaccine Safety in Pregnant Persons _ NEJM

“Early data from the v-safe surveillance system, the v-safe pregnancy registry, and the VAERS do not indicate any obvious safety signals with respect to pregnancy or neonatal outcomes associated with Covid-19 vaccination in the third trimester of pregnancy”. The ‘elephant in the room’: COVID-19 vaccine had an 82% incidence of spontaneous abortion in the first trimester!

Preliminary Findings of mRNA Covid-19 Vaccine Safety in Pregnant Persons – Correction – 24 October, 2021

“In the table footnotes, the following content should have been appended to the double dagger footnote:

“No denominator was available to calculate a risk estimate for spontaneous abortions, because at the time of this report, follow-up through 20 weeks was not yet available for 905 of the 1224 participants vaccinated within 30 days before the first day of the last menstrual period or in the first trimester. Furthermore, any risk estimate would need to account for gestational week–specific risk of spontaneous abortion.”

 Spontaneous Abortions and Policies on COVID-19
mRNA Vaccine Use During Pregnancy

“The study presents falsely reassuring
statistics related to the risk of spontaneous abortion in early pregnancy, since the majority of women in the calculation were exposed to the mRNA product after the outcome period was defined (20 weeks’gestation).”


Experts Warn of ‘Huge Risk’ as Moderna Launches COVID Vaccine Trials for Pregnant Women


2,433 Dead Babies in VAERS as Another Study Shows mRNA Shots Not Safe for Pregnant Women

“There have been more fetal deaths in the past 11 months following COVID-19 shots than there have been for the past 30+ years following ALL vaccines” (2,198 – Source.)

VAERS Data Reveals 50 X More Ectopic Pregnancies Following COVID Shots than Following ALL Vaccines for Past 30 Years

“That means that following COVID-19 injections into child-bearing women for the past 11 months has seen a 50 X increase in ectopic* pregnancies compared to child-bearing women receiving vaccines for the past 30+ years.”

June 24, 2021 – “Spike protein in breast milk is toxic” Alschner.Klartext

Use Google Translate to translate this article into English. Below are relevant translated excerpts:

Byram Bridle is Professor of Virology and Immunology at the University of Guelph, Canada. A few days ago, Bridal spoke to radio presenter Alex Pierson with a serious warning about the genetically engineered Covid vaccines . Together with other colleagues in Japan, Bridle had submitted an inquiry to the local registration authority about the Freedom of Information Act – and received information about the previously inaccessible animal test data on the mRNA vaccine from Pfizer and Biontech.

The data, in particular the pharmacokinetic overview tables, show that the mRNA nanoparticles do not remain locally at the puncture site in the muscle tissue, as assumed and claimed by the manufacturers, but reach the organs in sometimes dramatic concentrations…

Bridle warned, “We made a mistake. The spike protein is itself toxic and dangerous to humans. ”It is even transmitted to breastfed children through breast milk.

The spike protein gets into the blood, circulates in the blood for several days after vaccination. It accumulates as soon as it enters the blood and accumulates in a number of tissues such as the spleen, bone marrow, liver, adrenal glands, and, what is particularly worrying to me, it accumulates in fairly high concentrations the ovaries .



SARS-CoV-2 mRNA Vaccine (BNT162, PF-07302048) Pharmacokinetics Organ Distribution


Government Promotion: 

1 September, 2023 – COVID-19 advice for pregnant women and new parents

COVID-19 vaccinations for women who are pregnant, breastfeeding or planning pregnancy

COVID-19 vaccines are recommended for women who are pregnant, breastfeeding or planning pregnancy. Pregnant women who have already received a primary course should discuss with their doctor or vaccination provider whether a booster dose is required during their pregnancy.

Information on COVID-19 vaccination can be found in the COVID-19 vaccination – Shared decision making guide for women who are pregnant, breastfeeding or planning pregnancy .

For more information read the latest guidance from ATAGI  or talk to your doctor, midwife or vaccination provider.

COVID-19 advice for pregnant women and new parents _ NSW Government.pdf

Clinical recommendations for COVID-19 vaccines _ Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care.pdf

Pregnancy, breastfeeding or planning pregnancy

Bivalent mRNA COVID-19 vaccines are preferred for the primary course and for booster doses in pregnant women.

 There is a large body of evidence supporting the safety and effectiveness of ancestral-based (original) mRNA vaccines in pregnancy.2,3

2.         Sadarangani M, Soe P, Shulha HP, et al. Safety of COVID-19 vaccines in pregnancy: A Canadian National Vaccine Safety (CANVAS) network cohort study. The Lancet Infectious Diseases 2022;22:1553-64.

3.         Shimabukuro TT, Kim SY, Myers TR, et al. Preliminary findings of mRNA COVID-19 vaccine safety in pregnant persons. N Engl J Med 2021;384:2273-82.                                       

COVID-19 vaccination – Shared decision making guide for women who are pregnant, breastfeeding or planning pregnancy _ Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care.pdf


21 November, 2021 – Australian Government – COVID-19 vaccination – The best time for pregnant women to get vaccinated is right now

Women Who are Pregnant are a Priority Group for COVID-19 Vaccination


UK – Information about COVID-19 Vaccination in Pregnancy


Doctors Speak Out Update November 2021





24 November, 2021 – Lethal Injection: Frontline E.R. Doctor Gives Chilling Account of Unusual Vaccine-Induced Illness

“Bingo! If the spike protein produced by the vaccines inflicts the same internal damage as Covid-19, then shouldn’t doctors expect to see the same symptoms?


Yes, they should. And if the symptoms are the same, then there’s a good chance that vaccine-induced injuries are being misdiagnosed as Covid-19.


Think about that for a minute. That would be the perfect scenario for the pandemic managers and their billionaire backers, who’d love to see the impending mountain of carnage blamed on the waning virus instead of on their own poison-death shot.”

Smallpox Vaccination: Fraud, Force and Folly



Smallpox Deaths UK 1838 – 1922


Historically, smallpox and polio were considered undeniable proof that vaccines worked, but were we told the truth?  

From the graph above, the data shows:

So is there another explanation for why these diseases disappeared?  The history of smallpox vaccination policy has been driven by ongoing fraud, force and folly.



Edward Jenner (1749-1823) is credited as the founding father of smallpox vaccination. He documented 23 cases where people who presented with what was diagnosed as cow pox, were later inoculated with smallpox, and appeared not to get the disease.

There was no comparative control group who didn’t get the inoculation. 

Jenner’s claims were based on slender experimental evidence and some of the information presented was incomplete and misleading. 

Lifelong immunity from smallpox was initially claimed. However, as smallpox occurred prominently among the vaccinated, re-vaccination was then implemented after seven years. By 1914, this “immunity” period was shortened to 6-12 months! 


Smallpox Deaths, Leicester, UK, 1872 –  1922 vs smallpox vaccination coverage 


The greatest smallpox epidemic in Leicester (1870- 1874),  coincided exactly with the period of greatest vaccination.  Smallpox deaths declined thereafter even as vaccination rates plummeted. 

On 23rd March 1885, what became known as the Great Demonstration against compulsory vaccination took place in Leicester, UK. The march of 100,000 people stretched for two miles.

That same year, the Leicester government was replaced with a new government opposing compulsory Vaccination. By 1887 vaccination coverage rate dropped to 10%.



“After this evidence that smallpox vaccination didn’t work, the people of Leicester in the English midlands refused to have the vaccine any more. When the next smallpox epidemic struck in the early 1890s the people of Leicester relied upon good sanitation and a system of quarantine. There was only one death from smallpox in Leicester during that epidemic. In contrast the citizens of other towns (who had been vaccinated) died in vast numbers…Doctors and drug companies may not like it but the truth is that surveillance, quarantine and better living conditions got rid of smallpox – not the smallpox vaccine.” – Dr. Vernon Coleman, MB


So how was the fraud maintained? A person who was vaccinated and then came down with the disease that they were supposedly “protected” against, was simply recorded under another name. From 1904 to 1934 in England and Wales, 3,112 died of chicken pox and 579 died of smallpox according to the health records. In other words, people who have been vaccinated for smallpox and had later come down with the disease were classified in the health records as having chickenpox.

Using this strategy, the WHO started its campaign to eradicate smallpox in 1958, in the same year they named an infectious disease monkeypox. According to the WHO, the disease was clinically indistinguishable from smallpox. This correlates well with the findings of George Bernard Shaw:



Monkeypox is still an active disease today. By claiming a monkey could be a vector they hid the fact that the smallpox could be the cause of the infection. This was the basic framework for the Global Smallpox Eradication Campaign. Over the past 20 years ten Central and West African countries have reported that monkeypox cases have risen exponentially.

The last reported case  of death from smallpox, was the medical photographer,  Janet Parker, in 1978. Conspiracy surrounds the case. Her father died of a heart attack in quarantine. Her mother supposedly contracted smallpox after being vaccinated and the head of the lab, were Janet had been employed, committed suicide by cutting his own throat. As a result of this case, the WHO instructed labs to destroy their smallpox stock.  It was suggested that the existence of these labs posed a threat to the success of the Global Smallpox Eradication Campaign. 

The WHO has subsequently used the myth, that smallpox had been eradicated, to give credentials to the whole vaccine program worldwide. Most people now believe that vaccines have saved us from the most dreaded infectious diseases. They have no idea that the real decline in infectious disease deaths was due almost entirely to improved sanitation, clean drinking water, nutrition and higher living standards. 




In the UK in 1840, as doctors and citizens realized that smallpox vaccination was not what it was promised to be, vaccine refusals increased. Governments passed various laws to force people to be vaccinated. 

The United Kingdom Vaccination Act 1853 made it compulsory for all children born after 1 August 1853 to be vaccinated against smallpox during their first 3 months of life. Parents who failed to get their children vaccinated would be subject to a fine.

In Leicester the number of prosecutions for non-vaccination grew from two in 1869 to 3,000 in 1884.  Fines were fiercely enforced. Police collecting a fine from one Arthur Ward threatened his pregnant wife with prison. The argument sent her into premature labor and the child was stillborn. 

The compulsory vaccination law was repealed in 1907. By 1919, England and Wales had become one of the least vaccinated countries and had only 28 deaths from smallpox out of a population of 37.8 million people.

According to official figures of the Registrar General of England, 109 children under five years in England and Wales died of smallpox between 1910 and 1933. In that same period 270 died from vaccination. 

Massachusetts, USA, in 1855, took the most advanced stand ever taken by any of the states and enacted a law which required parents or guardians to cause the vaccination of all children before they were two years old, and forbade the admission of all children to the public schools of any child who had not been duly vaccinated.  Parents who did not vaccinate their children by age 2 faced a fine of $5 yearly (about $156 in today’s dollars). 

New Jersey, 1906, 30,000 pupils and teachers were forced to submit to vaccination. Twenty teachers and hundreds of pupils who refused, were suspended. Many of those vaccinated became seriously ill. 


To maintain the prestige of the medical profession and themselves, the government put the full force of their powers to legislate compulsory vaccination.  They used public funds and the power of the police to enforce inoculations on the unwilling and defenseless. 



“Smallpox vaccination has always correlated positively to epidemics in the countries that collected data in the vain hope of proving the vaccine’s worth.”  Dissolving Illusions” by Suzanne Humphries, MD and Roman Bystrianyk

In Leicester, UK, reports of deaths and outbreaks created doubts about the effectiveness and safety of vaccines. There was a growing list of complications attributed to vaccination. The 1871-72 smallpox epidemic provided a vivid example to the townspeople, as some 3,000 cases occurred and of these 358 died. Some of those dead had been vaccinated according to the law.

In Boston, the same situation was occurring.  Massachusetts data began in 1811 and showed that, starting around 1837, there were periodic smallpox epidemics. Following the 1855 mandates, there were smallpox epidemics in 1859–1860, 1864–1865, and 1867, culminating with the infamous epidemic in 1872–1873. These repeated smallpox epidemics showed that the strict vaccination laws instituted by Massachusetts had no beneficial effect. 


Boston smallpox mortality rate from 1811 to 1926.


Smallpox Statistics We Were Meant to Forget:

From the beginning of the 20th century in England we find that there were similar numbers of vaccine-induced deaths to smallpox deaths, except in the case of children under 5 yrs of age, where the vaccine proved much riskier than smallpox itself. 

1911-13: Comparison of smallpox and vaccination deaths.

  • Smallpox deaths = 42,                                                    Sp. vaccination deaths = 31.
  • Smallpox deaths in children under 5 yrs = 8,       Sp. vaccination deaths = 30


Smallpox vaccines were proving themselves to be neither safe nor effective. Epidemics were increasing in severity in the wake of vaccination. Correspondingly, they were decreasing as vaccination rates declined.  Improved living conditions were having a better effect and had all but wiped smallpox out. 

With exquisite irony, a 1972 smallpox outbreak in Yugoslavia was halted through use of the Leicester Method. This involved rapid quarantining of cases and contacts, as well as, cleaning of the houses.  – while the authorities vaccinated 18 million citizens in full knowledge of its ineffectiveness. Vaccination had to be implemented if the story of ‘vaccine success’ was to be upheld. 

The folly was always, the belief that you could safely inject some infective agent, of highly dubious toxicity, into the body of a healthy individual, or a really seriously unhealthy individual. This was to prevent, or mitigate the severity of, an illness that was already reportedly mild in most developed nations, or in many countries non-existent.

The risk of contracting the illness had to be outweighed against the risk of the vaccine. Taking the vaccine into your system, exposed you to all the potential side effects, including serious injury and death. 

The only way this scenario could ever be accepted was to deny alternative methods and alternative policies,  censor any knowledge of adverse events, and ‘discover’ an illness almost identical, and name it ‘monkeypox’. 


The legacy of the smallpox story lives on in our understanding and acceptance of vaccines today. “Vaccines save lives and adverse events are rare” still frames the belief system driving vaccine compliance.


Vaccination programs and anti­biotics have mistakenly been given all the credit for  declines in killer diseases such as smallpox, cholera, typhoid, tuberculosis, dysentery, etc. Most or all of the credit belongs to better hygiene, sanitation, hous­ing, and greater resistance to disease thanks to improved economic conditions and better nutrition. 

In fact, many keen observers commented that it may have been because of how OBVIOUS it had become that the smallpox vaccines were spreading smallpox, that the WHO (World Health Organization)  was motivated to cease the vaccination program but credit it for the eradication!


Has smallpox been eradicated? Was it eradicated from laboratories? What does Bill Gates say about the global future of  smallpox?


6 November, 2021 – Bill Gates warns terrorists will try and use smallpox as a biological weapon as he bids for billions in funding to prevent future pandemics

5 November, 2021 – Video – Bill Gates warns of “bioterrorist smallpox pandemic”  


Further Information: 

20 May, 2023 – Smallpox Vaccine Recipients Died From Heart Inflammation, Autopsies Find

The CDC admitted that 1 in 175 recipients of the ACAM2000 vaccine (which the buyers had hoped would be safer than the older Dryvax vaccine) developed myocarditis. If you consider that every military service-member had to receive a smallpox vaccine starting in 2003 (and prior to the early 80s) , there could have been up to 50,000 cases of vaccine-induced myocarditis.

14 April, 2023 – The smallpox pandemic response was eerily similar to COVID


16 January, 2020 – ‘Stop the slaughter of the innocents’: Meet the anti-vaxxers of 1919 



Doctors and Health Professionals Speak Out


12  October, 2021 – Registered Nurse 39yrs+ blows whistle on live on Radio

7 October, 2021 – Winning the War Against Therapeutic Nihilism – Dr. Peter McCullough, AAPS 

3 October, 2021 – Dr. Nathan Thompson examines blood panel of a patient before and after vaccination. The results are alarming!


To understand the gross incompetence of our Australian health bureaucrats, listen to my discussion with Dr Brian Tyson, from the USA.

7 July, 2021 – Dr. Sucharit Bhakti: We have Covid-19 herd immunity!

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May, 2021 – From Australia, a Medical Witness to the Worst Shutdown

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Cornwall nurse speaks out Nov 4 2020

International ALERT MESSAGE Of Health Professionals To Governments & Citizens Of The WORLD

Dr Zac Bush and Del Bigtree: The Most Watched Interview of 2020. 

Dr. Zac Bush talks to Robert F Kennedy Jnr

International ALERT MESSAGE Of Health Professionals To Governments & Citizens Of The Whole WORLD



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Dr. George Fareed and Dr. Brian Tyson share early treatment protocol

Doctors who explain clearly why vaccines aren’t safe or effective.

Great Barrington Declaration

Great Barrington Declaration signatures

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Over 34,000 Health Experts Sign Declaration Against COVID-19 Lockdowns, Petition by Epidemiologists Claims

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The WHO Revised Covid-19 Infection_ Fatality Rate & the Great Barrington Declaration – Updated.


Dr. Sherry Tenpenny

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United Health Professionals






Covid-19 Treatment Protocols – Supporting Information


Information to accompany:

Covid-19 Prevention and Early Treatment Protocols – at a Glance

See also: 

Covid-19 Prevent/Reduce Vaccination Side Effects



7 October, 2021 – Winning the War Against Therapeutic Nihilism – Dr. Peter McCullough, AAPS

8 July, 2020 – Interview with Dr Zev Zelenko Part 1.

August 26, 2020 – Professor Christian Perrone Interview Part 1 – How to Treat the Disease?


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Covid-19 Early Treatment Protocols: 


Dr Peter McCullough Covid-19 Treatment Protocol






C19Protocols – Reducing Risk of COVID-19 Infection and Severity.pdf


Additional Information:

Melatonin Affects Thrombosis Sepsis and COVID Mortality Rate

The Effect of Melatonin on Thrombosis, Sepsis and Mortality Rate in COVID-19 Patients

Zinc Is Key to HCQ Protocol,pdf

CORONAVIRUS: New York doctor successfully treats patients with drug cocktail

Projected supportive effects of Pycnogenol in patients suffering from multi-dimensional health impairments after a SARS-CoV2 infection

Mediherb P2 detox 160g


Climate apocalypse or globalist agenda?

I love bicycle riding but I am very skeptical of the globalist push to control and limit every aspect of our future lives including transport.  Informed choice is the key to building our preferred futures. I ride my bike for exercise, and to get off the road and follow creek bike paths through green leafy parks. I also get a kick out of riding to reduce pollution and mining energy resource usage. I do not ride on the basis of so-called ‘climate science modelling’ which is used as justification to attempt to socially engineer our futures by self-appointed top-down ‘world authorities’. 



7 December, 2020 – Marine Scientist Peter Ridd says the idea the Great Barrier Reef is in critical condition “couldn’t be further from the truth” because the “actual data” reveals coral growth rates, if anything, have increased.

6 November, 2019 – Peter Ridd: Is the Great Barrier Reef Threatened ? 37:44


A Time Lapse Map of Every Nuclear Explosion Since 1945

“Because the long road to a valid uranium enrichment program from the beginning was thought to be a longshot, the discovery of plutonium in December 1940 was a godsend to the bomb makers.”

Nuclear power as a proposed future “clean and green” energy solution to climate change always fails to mention the ‘elephant in the room’ – military and terrorist nuclear weapons as a constant apocalyptic threat to civilisation far surpassing that of human induced climate change. 



Exposing the Climate Racket: The Latest IPCC Report

21 April, 2023 – Climate Scepticism on the Rise Throughout the World 

Over nearly 50 years, laudable environmental concerns have been hijacked to promote a collectivist, controlling political agenda. But decades of easy virtue-signalling are coming to an end, and the harsh realities of Net Zero are starting to become obvious.

26 April, 2022 – From ice age to global warming – the climate doom-mongers’ swift about-turn

26 April, 2022 – ‘Net zero’ war on food! US factories destroyed, Aussie and Irish livestock targeted

25 April, 2022 – Northern Ireland faces loss of 1 million sheep and cattle to meet climate targets

25 April, 2022 – The U.N.: A Global Fear Porn Cult

18 April, 2022 – Met Office Changed Global Temperature Record to Add 14% to Recent Warming, Says Climate Scientist

5 April, 2022 – Ninety Months (and Counting) of No Warming – and Now Small Signs of Cooling

21 December, 2021 – Net Zero Carbon In UK Means Dumping Private Car Ownership And Gas Engines For Bicycles

“As the world continues to deal with The Great Panic, climate alarmists are quietly marching forward to greenwash transportation policies, taking private cars off the road and implementing shared solutions instead, including people-powered bicycles.”


The Profound Junk Science of Climate

8 November, 2021 – Nice Totalitarianism 

“..three moral crusades are increasingly being used to control our lives by people in authority: the crusade against Covid, the crusade against climate change and the crusade against ‘social injustice’, as defined by the woke.”

2 December, 2021 – The Silly Science Of Climate Alarmism

“There is actually a great deal of research on possible natural causes for some of the long term warming, maybe even all of it.

Keep in mind that the recent warming is very small, just around one degree over 150 years. Small changes in the sun, or the ocean, or even just in the clouds, could easily cause this little bit of global warming.

The IPCC simply ignores all this research, just like it ignored the warm and cold periods in the 2,000 year hockey stick. In fact this extreme alarmist bias dominates government funded climate science, which is most of it.”

2 October, 2021 – Establishment Now Advocating Lockdowns — Not to Save You From Covid, But From Climate Change

20 September, 2021 – Technocrats Are Preparing ‘Mandatory’ Personal Carbon Allowances

14 September, 2021 – After Vaccine Passports Its Personal Carbon Allowances


8 September, 2021 – Personal Carbon Allowances’ Pushed to Fight Global Warming

27 August, 2021 –  Environmentalism as Religion: Unpacking the Congregation

 16 August, 2021 – The apocalypse facing humanity is not climate change, but the politicisation of lousy science


15 June, 2021 – Is a “Climate Lockdown” Limiting Consumption of Red Meat and Gasoline Usage for Private Vehicles Coming Next?


21 May, 2021 – Computer modelling for Covid-19 was FATALLY flawed. What if I told you that climate change models are EVEN WORSE?


The dominant narrative: 

9 August, 2021 – Major climate changes inevitable and irreversible – IPCC’s starkest warning yet

Just Conspiracy Theories


9/11: A Conspiracy Theory – by James Corbett

JP Sears: You’ll Own Nothing and Be Happy!? – The Great Reset

Klaus Schwaab: You’ll Own Nothing and You’ll Be Happy 



Conspiracy ???   A conspiracy theory isn’t a theory if it’s true!”- Mike Palmer



10 CONSPIRACY THEORIES That turned Out To Be True 



31 May, 2023 – BBC Verify?

“Conspiracy theory” is just a term the CIA weaponised for their propagandist to help them shut down any debate—about who shot JFK—by sticking the dismissive “conspiracy theorist” label on anyone who dared to question the US government’s official account. It really doesn’t mean anything more than that. Alleged “conspiracy theorists” are just people who question government narratives.

18 May, 2023 – How to Assess Conspiracy Theories Using the EPOE Protocol

We need to normalize the words “CONSPIRACY THEORY”. It’s a tool used to dismiss conjecture, claims, charges, and admissions of conspiracies. There is no doubt that conspiracies happen. The trick is to try to determine whether individuals worked together to conspire to mislead the public on important issues. 



6 July, 2022 – UN Declares War on ‘Dangerous’ Conspiracy Theories: ‘World is Not Secretly Run by Elites’

‘Anti-vax’ labelling and the mainstream media: Who is coordinating this?

New rules may allow Australian police to detain “conspiracy theorists”.pdf


Anti-lockdown protesters hold placards on the steps of Victoria’s state parliament in Melbourne on May 10, 2020.

The Long, Strange History of Bill Gates Population Control Conspiracy Theories



7 Things That Were Crazy Conspiracy Theories Until 2020 Happened

7 Things That Were _Crazy Conspiracy Theories_ Until 2020 Happened.pdf



FBI_ Conspiracy Theorists Are Potential Domestic Terrorists.pdf

How conspiracy theorizing may soon get you labelled a ‘Domestic Terrorist

How conspiracy theorizing may soon get you labelled a ‘Domestic Terrorist’ – OffGuardian.pdf



“Conspiracies for good and for evil do exist now, as they have from time immemorial.

The only question is which intention do you want to devote your life towards?”

Matthew Ehret, Off-Guardian 






COVID Experimental Injections – Adverse Events

The Swine Flu vaccination roll-out was halted after 56 deaths.



Have you or a loved one had an Adverse Reaction to Coronavirus vaccine? 


DIY If Your Doctor Won’t Report Vaccine Reactions to VAERS (video)


Report A COVID-19 Vaccine Injury

Vaxx Tracker

C19 Vaxx Reactions 

We are a large and ever growing group of Americans who were previously healthy and have been seriously injured by the COVID vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna, J&J as well as Astra Zeneca in the clinical trial stage in the United States).

COVID Vaccine Blood Clot Victims Demand Compensation From US Govt

OPEN VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System)



Australia: Database of Adverse Event Notifications (DAEN)

About the DAEN – medicines

Report a Problem or Side Effect 


Anyone wanting to check the Australian numbers out themselves…

» click on [ search DAEN – medicines ]

» that takes you to

» then type COVID in the search bar, put the dates and choose the 4 vaccines..




5 November, 2021 – Vaccine-Injured Speak Out, Feel Abandoned by Government Who Told Them COVID Shot Was Safe

3 November, 2021 – Hear suppressed voices of the vaccine injured


20 October, 2021 – 40 Countries Spikes in COVID-19 Deaths After Vaccination 



September, 2021 – Water Dreamer Elder Groote Eylandt

17 September, 2021 –  Political Commentator Kim Iversen Unpacks ‘Alarming and Shocking’ COVID Data From Israel

1000 Covid Stories 





Deaths attributed to Covid-19 = ⁣An average of 1.7 deaths each day
From first case in Australia 25 Jan2020 to 15 Aug2021

Deaths attributed to Covid-19 Vaccine = ⁣An average of 5.7 deaths each day

From start of vaccination 22 Feb 2021 to 15 Aug 2021

Australian Government websites; NOTE: the DAEN on the TGA has been difficult to get to since this data was obtained.

Department of Health, Database of Adverse Events Notification (DAEN):

Department of Health, Weekly vaccination reports:

Department of Health, Covid-19, infographic collection:

Department of Health, Covid-19, infographic 15 Aug 2021:

The DAEN report 15Aug 2021, pdf of the medicine summary:

Days calculator, days between dates:


13 August, 2020 – THESE “VACCINES” ARE A CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY. -CEO/Medical Director of The Largest Independent Laboratory of Idaho



UK Medicine Regulator confirms the number of deaths due to the Covid-19 Vaccines in 10 months is 330% higher than the number of deaths due to all other Vaccines combined in the last 20 years

20 October, 2021 – Data Proves Covid-19 Deaths Rose Rapidly AFTER Vax roll-out in 40+ Countries | Principia Scientific Intl.

18 October, 2021 –  Critical Peer-Reviewed Study on Myocarditis “Temporarily Removed”


1 October, 2021 – 1,969 Fetal Deaths Recorded Following COVID-19 Shots but Criminal CDC Recommends Pregnant Women Get the Shot

25 September, 2021 – Australia Records 10X More Deaths Following COVID-19 Shots than Recorded Deaths Following ALL Vaccines for Past 20 Years

50000 Patients Died Soon In 14 Days After Getting COVID-19 Vaccine Says Whistleblower

COVID Jabs Are Killing Two People for Every Person Saved

Fully Vaccinated With Pfizer? You’re 6 to 13 Times More Likely to Get Delta Than Someone With Natural Immunity, Study Says


Scientists: Delta Infections Of Fully Vaccinated Produce 251 Times The Viral Load


September, 2021 – Shockingly, CDC Now Lists Vaccinated Deaths as Unvaccinated


There are hundreds of millions of doses of vaccines administered across approximately 70 vaccines each year in the United States.

The amount of COVID-19 vaccine deaths reported to the CDC are staggering in comparison to decades of data.

I’m glad that the FDA hearing yesterday was filled with doctors acknowledging this data.

Fascinating what happens when you let panels of doctors speak rather than the same handful of television doctors.



6 August, 2021 – Fully vaccinated people who get a Covid-19 breakthrough infection can transmit the virus, CDC chief says


2 July, 2021 –  New Study Links “Acute Chest Pain” In Male Soldiers To mRNA Vaccines

2 July, 2021 – Latest CDC VAERS Data Show Reported Injuries Surpass 400,000 Following COVID Vaccines

2 July, 2021 –  Father And Daughter Die Four Days Apart Despite Taking Different Brands Of COVID-19 Shots

1 July, 2021 – 1,007,253 Injuries 1,403 DEAD in the UK Following COVID-19 Injections According to UK Government

30 June, 2021 – Heart Inflammation Linked to COVID Vaccines in Study of U.S. Military, Department of Defense Confirms

In a study published June 29 in JAMA Cardiology, researchers described 23 cases of myocarditis in healthy military members who developed the condition within four days of receiving the Pfizer or Moderna COVID vaccines.


25 JUNE, 2021 – Shock: European Union Reports 1.5 Million Vaccine Injuries, 15,472 Deaths

25 June, 2021 – CDC: 6,113 DEAD Following COVID-19 Injections Including 576 Abortion

May 17, 2021 – Eric Clapton ‘Feared He Would Never Play Again’ After AstraZeneca Vaccine, Says ‘Propaganda’ Overstated Safety

Frontline Workers Testimonies 

Latest VAERS Data Show Reports of Blood Clotting Disorders After All Three Emergency Use Authorization Vaccines

April 24,2021 – 7,766 DEAD 330,218 Injuries: European Database of Adverse Drug Reactions for COVID-19 “Vaccines”

April 1, 2021 – UK Refuses to Suspend AstraZeneca COVID Shots as Other Nations Have – 95 New Deaths Recorded this Week in the UK Following AZ COVID Shots

31 Cases Of Blood Clots In Brain From AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine Reported By Germany

44-Year-Old Pastor DEAD after Moderna COVID Shot – Wanted Other Pastors and African Americans to Follow her Example and Take the Shot

CNA Nursing Home Whistleblower: Seniors Are DYING LIKE FLIES After COVID Injections! SPEAK OUT!!!

Whistleblower from Berlin nursing home: the terrible dying after vaccination

It comes from the AGAPLESION Bethanien Havelgarten retirement home in Berlin-Spandau. There, within four weeks after the first vaccination with the BioNTech/Pfizer vaccine Comirnaty, eight of 31 seniors, who suffered from dementia but were in good physical condition according to their age before the vaccination, died.


46 Nursing Home Residents in Spain Die Within 1 Month of Getting Pfizer COVID Vaccine

CNA Nursing Home Whistleblower: Seniors Are DYING LIKE FLIES After COVID Injections! SPEAK OUT!!!

Healthcare Worker Dies 4 Days After Second Pfizer Vaccine, Death Under Investigation


12,400 People in Israel Tested Positive for Coronavirus AFTER Being Injected with the Experimental Pfizer COVID Shot

53 Dead in Gibraltar in 10 Days After Experimental Pfizer mRNA COVID Injections Started

Home Run King Hank Aaron Dies of ‘Undisclosed Cause’ 18 Days After Receiving Moderna Vaccine

Norway denies ‘direct link’ between deaths of 33 elderly people and Pfzier Covid vaccine they received

55 Americans Have Died Following COVID Vaccination, Norway Deaths Rise To 29


24 Dead and 137 Infected at NY Nursing Home After Experimental COVID Injections


Tip of the Iceberg? Thousands of COVID Vaccine Injuries and 13 U.S. Deaths Reported in December Alone

CDC Report – 3150 People Paralyzed After COVID-19 Vaccine “Unable To Perform Normal Daily Activities”

This is a massive 2.7% of people who can no longer work after having the Pfizer vaccine.

Portuguese health worker, 41, dies two days after getting the Pfizer covid vaccine as her father says he ‘wants answers’

Mexican doctor hospitalized after receiving COVID-19 vaccine

Hundreds of Israelis get infected with Covid-19 after receiving Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine.

Wife of ‘perfectly healthy’ Miami doctor, 56, who died of a blood disorder 16 days after getting Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine is certain it was triggered by the jab, as drug giant investigates first death with a suspected link to shot

Johns Hopkins Scientist: ‘A Medical Certainty’ Pfizer Vaccine Caused Death of Florida Doctor

Death of Swiss man after Pfizer vaccine.

88-year-old collapses and dies several hours after being vaccinated.

Thousands negatively affected after getting Covid-19 vaccine.

4 volunteers develop FACIAL PARALYSIS after taking Pfizer Covid-19 jab, prompting FDA to recommend ‘surveillance for cases’.

Investigation launched as 2 people die in Norway nursing home days after receiving Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine.


Death by Coincidence?


Hundreds Sent to Emergency Room After Getting COVID-19 Vaccines

U.S. officials report more severe allergic reactions to COVID-19 vaccines.

NHS told not to give Covid vaccine to those with history of allergic reactions.

CDC reveals at least 21 Americans have suffered life threatening allergic reactions to Pfizer’s COVID vaccine

Healthy 56-Year-Old” Miami Obstetrician Dies after Being Injected with the Experimental Pfizer COVID Vaccine



Vaccine Passports and Bio-Apartheid

” National Socialism was anti-Semitism. Apart from anti-Semitism, its character was that of a thousand tyrannies before it, with modern conveniences. Traditional anti-Semitism . . . played an important role in softening the Germans as a whole to Nazi doctrine, but it was separation, not prejudice as such, that made Nazism possible, the mere separation of Jews and non-Jews” (116-117).”



3 October, 2021 – Video: Digital Tyranny and the Rockefeller-Gates WHO “Vaxx-Certificate Passport”: Towards a World War III Scenario

1 October, 2021 – Vaccine Passports Destroying New York Restaurants

30 September, 2021 – Apartheid Australia: Hell On Earth


September 27, 2021 – Israelis Rise Up Against Med-Green-Passports After Being Told they need more Jabs 


13 September, 2021 – Canada Adopts Chinese Social Credit System

28 August, 2021 – Catherine Austin Fitts Explains the Situation in One Minute, The Highwire w Del Bigtree

6 September, 2021 – The Ethics of The Vaccinated vs The Unvaccinated

Have you heard about what’s happening in Australia?


August, 2021 – France this evening, as terraced restaurants require macron’s “covid passports”, the people brought their own picnics to the street, restaurants empty, street filled with free and happy families dining together 👌🏻


24 July 2021 – Professor Brett Sutton says a vaccine passport is being considered nationally

5 July,2021 – Tucker Carlson – Vaccine Passports 

21 June, 2021 – No Domestic Passport Bill 2021 introduced into the Australian parliament



The Danger of History Repeating Itself With Vaccine Passports: An Interview With Ilana Rachel Daniel

17/05/21 – Angela Gipson Deselle, injured by her first covid vaccine injection, speaks against a vaccine passport bill in Louisiana, Mississippi. The Bill was subsequently defeated 9-3. 


Ilana Rachel Daniel: Outcry to the World From Israel — Medical Apartheid “Currently Reminiscent of the Holocaust”



Right on Point: Vaccine Passports vs. Basic Civil Liberties




Medical Apartheid, Vax Passports And The End Of The Freedom To Travel

6 June, 2023 – ‘Death Sentence for Millions’: WHO, EU Launch New Global Vaccine Passport Initiative

Technology expert Michael Rectenwald, Ph.D., told The Defender that, under the guise of preserving freedom, a digital passport system “means restraints on movement and living for the unvaccinated and forced vaccination to participate in life.”

28 July, 2022 – They thought they were free

Medical discrimination is alive and well in Queensland


7 December, 2021 – No Jab, No Food: Canadian Province Imposes New Regulations to Ban Unvaccinated from Grocery Stores

“Since Saturday, people in New Brunswick, Canada are now required to show proof of full vaccination in public. Failure to provide proof of full vaccination will result in citizens being barred from entering grocery stores to buy food, True North reported.

This new provision was announced as part of the province’s “winter action plan,” which allows any business, including grocery stores, the right of denying entry to any unvaccinated food shopper.” 


7 December, 2021 -Revealed: The Locations of Australia’s Eleven Quarantine Camps | Exclusive

In this article, TOTT News documents the names and locations of publicly-acknowledged COVID quarantine camps across Australia.

2 December, 2021 – The Power to Imprison — Life in Pandemicland

2 December, 2021 – Germany Announces National Lockdown for Unvaccinated


14 September, 2021 – After Vaccine Passports Its Personal Carbon Allowances


28 June. 2021 – The Global Landscape on Vaccine ID Passports and Where It’s Headed: Part 1

26 July, 2021 –  The Global Landscape on Vaccine ID Passports Part 2: How Your Digital Identity is Moving to The Blockchain for Full Control Over Humans

9 August, 2021 –  The Global Landscape on Vaccine ID Passports Part 3: The Key Implementers of Your Digital Identity onto The Blockchain

26 August, 2021 – The Global Landscape on Vaccine ID Passports Part 4: BLOCKCHAINED


3 September, 2021 : 


The Ezekial Declaration pdf


31 August, 2021 – WHO global digital Covid passport guide unveiled

27 August 2021 – WHO: Digital documentation of COVID-19 certificates: vaccination status: technical specifications and implementation guidance

27 August 2021 – WHO: Digital documentation of COVID-19 certificates: vaccination status: technical specifications and implementation guidance.pdf



31 August, 2021 –  Vaccine Passports: Your Ticket to a New Social Control System?

28 August, 2021 – Why Vaccine Passports Must Be Rejected.pdf

28 August, 2021 – Why Vaccine Passports Must Be Rejected


Large Sample Study Shows Natural Immunity Confers Stronger and Longer Lasting Immunity Than Vaccine – Which Again Defeats The Ridiculous Premise of Vaccine Passports

16 August, 2021 – Denmark plans to lift all anti-epidemic measures by September

The Coronapas will be completely abolished by October.


20 August, 2021 -LA City Council: Vaccine Proof To Be Required For Groceries


14 August, 2021 – New York Jews Embrace Nazism – Partner with IBM to “Show Your Papers”

4 July, 2021 – The Global Landscape on Vaccine ID Passports and Where It’s Headed: Part 1

“Papers Please” Passports Are a Portal Towards a COVID-Vax Caste System


28 June, 2021 – The Global Landscape on Vaccine ID Passports and Where It’s Headed: Part 1


8 June, 2021 – Indian Govt To Link COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate To Passports

For International Travel

Jab Nation: ‘No Dogs, No Irish, No Blacks

Digital Identity and the Sustainable Development Goals

European Commission Introduces EU-Wide COVID Passports

EU Set to Implement Bloc-Wide Vaccine Passport Standard

Fears of ‘vaccine apartheid’ as countries mull immunisation passports


Vaccine Passport First Step to Chinese Style Social Credit System. It’s Almost Here.


7 Key Reasons Why Vaccine Passports Are A Dangerous Idea

The Government’s Pretence That it Can Do Nothing to Stop Employers Insisting on Vaccine Passports is Utter Hogwash

Silicon Valley and WEF-Backed Foundation Announce Global Initiative for COVID-19 Vaccine Records


Medical Mandates Have No Place in a Free Society



13 September, 2021 –  Q & A of COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Panel & Town Hall hosted by Health Freedom Idaho (2 of 2)

5 September – Military Commander Says Mandatory Vaccinations Are a Security Threat



12 August, 2021 – Dr. Ryan Cole #StoptheMandate




Is Medical Tyranny Trampling Our Civil Rights?


Dictator Doctors, Adult Kidnapping, and Other Examples of Medical Tyranny

QR codes and $5000 fine. My research. Questioning directives by NSW Government to “mandate” QR check-in (NSW, Aus.)


How The Greater Good Is Used as a Tool of Social Control




20 September, 2021 – Technocrats Are Preparing ‘Mandatory’ Personal Carbon Allowances

1 September, 2021 – Military Service Members With Natural Immunity File Lawsuit Against DOD, FDA, HHS Over COVID Vaccine Mandate

25 August, 2021 – NYPD’s largest police union vows to sue over possible COVID vaccine mandate

16 August, 2021 – Navy commander: Mandatory military vaccination a ‘national security threat’

10 August, 2021 – Rand Paul’s Revolt: “We Will Make Our Own Health Choices!”


11 August, 2021 – COVID Vaccine Mandates Strongly Opposed in Europe, U.S. as Vaccine Failures Increase


11 August, 2021 – Big Pharma’s Worst Nightmare: Global Rebellion Against Vaccine Mandates Explodes



‘Important Victory’: Massachusetts Rescinds Flu Vaccine Mandate

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5 August, 2021 – Why COVID-19 Vaccines Should Not Be Required for All Americans

Former Officer Warns Military of Pitfalls Surrounding COVID Vaccine Mandate

Helsinki Committee to declare Pfizer performing unauthorized human experiment in Israel

Israel agreed to be ‘giant testing trial lab for COVID-19 vaccine


I-am-exempt-face-covering-Wallet-Cards-A4-PRINT-covid-19-pdf Australia


Masks Are a Psychological Preparation for Mandatory Vaccinations

ACT NOW: Tell your governor and local legislators that COVID-19 vaccines must be voluntary!

Reject Big Pharma’s Vaccine Mandates in 2020

Vaccines Are a Choice Not a Mandate

A New Coalition Forms To Make Digital Vaccine ID Cards A Reality



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