Covid-19 Prevent/Reduce Vaccination Side Effects – at a Glance

Covid-19 Prevent/Reduce Vaccination Side Effects

To prevent or treat Covid-19 in its early stages, essential nutrients are Zinc, Vitamins D, C and Quercitin. Bromelain and Glutathione are also recommended.   See Covid-19 Prevention and Early Treatment Protocols

If you, or someone you know, decides you or they need to get a Covid shot, please adequately assess the safety risks, the efficacy, and the benefits.  

These are additional naturopathic protocols beginning preferably two weeks before ‘vaccination’ and at least two weeks after: 



White pine needle Tea1-4                                     3 cups per day with lemon and honey or maple syrup. 

Zeolite5                                                                              1 heaped teaspoon (non-metal) in water 3 times daily

Montmorillonite Green Clay6                                Apply topically as paste at injection site 2 hourly



Herbal protection formula7                               5 mL twice a day

Immune Support Herbs8                                1 tablet twice daily with food 

Iodine9                                                            2-3 drops on an empty stomach twice daily in water



  1. White pine needle tea:  Pine needle tea is a possible antidote for spike protein transmission Making a strong hot water tea on the stove gives superior antioxidant activity.    Not recommended during pregnancy or while breastfeeding
  2.  Sources: White pine needle tea:    Dried White pine needle Tea 250g, anti-oxidant tea – AUS seller    The Tree of Love Shop Organic Pine Needles Tea. 
  3. How to make pine needle tea:  ‘Decoction’:                                                                                                                            2-3 Tablespoons dried pine needles gently simmered on stove in 3 cups of water for 20 minutes. Remove from heat and steep it for another 20 minutes (lid on, folded towel over the top to keep warm). Strain. Pour two cups in a small thermos, and save for later.  Drink the other cup with lemon and honey or maple syrup. Three cups per day. Or alternatively:
  4. ‘Stovetop Espresso Coffee Maker’:
    A stove top espresso coffee pot makes a stronger pine tea. Use 1/4 cup of ground pine needles in the filter basket of a 6 cup Espresso pot.  Fill the lower chamber with filtered water. Place on the stove top on medium heat. In a standard 6 cup pot you’ll have 3 servings of concentrated pine tea. Use 1/2 cup of this strong pine tea in your mug and then top up with water. Sweeten with honey to taste.
  5. Zeolite may improve immunity in Immunodeficient patients. Zeolite boosts immunity and detoxifies heavy metals and other posions.  Zeolite neutralises environmental and other medical pollutants. Zeolite is a chalky substance and needs a base to bind as a paste. It combines well 50/50 with montmorillonite or bentonite clay.   Sources:  The little BIG Store  Organic Ultimate Zeolite 300g (Quenda)      Some people report excellent results with this liquid extract Zeolite: ZeoActiv8 (50 mL)   ZeoActiv8 User Information Further information: Ph: 02 9844 5432
  6. Montmorillonite Green Clay Montmorillonite can adsorb viruses and proteins as well as chemicals and inorganic compoundsBentonite clay: 11 benefits and uses    Sources: Australian Wholesale Oils – Green French Clay    Australian Healing Clay – Bentonite Clay (and Zeolite)   How to use:   Internal: In a glass of pure water, sprinkle 1- 3 Teaspoons (not metal). Leave 5 -10 minutes and mix.  Drink plenty of water.  See: Bentonite – How to Take     Injection site: immediately after as a paste: eg 1 TBS clay to 1-2 TBS water. Prepare enough for two applications immediately before injection appointment. Apply as close to immediately after inection.  For best results, let it hydrate for a couple of hours. Apply, cover with 8×10 Antibacterial  Waterproof dressing (Elastoplast) or leave to dry in open air. Change after 20 minutes washing off with warm water.  Reapply and then change 2 hourly.  If you cant access montmorillonite, substitute bentonite clay. Can be combined 50/50 with Zeolite for internal use or as a poultice on the injection site.
  7. Herbal Protection Formula: See a natural health practitioner or medical herbalist for a liquid extract formula specific for your situation.   Start preferably two weeks or more before vaccination. Continue at least 2 weeks after, and preferably four weeks or longer. The aim is to support all bodily systems to maintain health and to respond optimally to known challenges.  As the COVID-19 vaccines are experimental, there are no guarantees of specific outcomes. You need to fully inform yourself of the risks vs the benefits of vaccination by consulting a trusted health practitioner and doing your own research.  The following is a sample liquid extract formula  from available knowledge and researchBaikal Scullcap (30 mL)  Dan Shen (30 mL)  Ginkgo (30 mL)  Rhodiola (30 mL)  Mushroom Forte (30 mL)  Pelargonium sisoides (30 mL)  Licorice (20 mL)  Some herbs may be contraindicated depending on other Medications you may be taking or specific factors such as any existing health issues, pregnancy etc.
  8. Ethical Nutrients Immuzorb Immune Defence  Promotes body’s immune defences with Andrographis and Zinc. Also contains Siberian Ginseng, Echinacea, and Turmeric.  Sources:   Natural Chemist – Immune Defence 60 Tablets    Australian Vitamins – Immune Defence
  9. Iodine: Because your body does not produce iodine, it needs to be supplied in the diet. Iodine can also be used to detoxify compounds and strongly increases the mRNA decay rate. It is an immune booster and antioxidant. Dose: 2-3 drops on an empty stomach twice daily in water, no later than 4 pm.  Sources:  Nourishing Ecology – Iodine Nascent 30 mL   SALTHAUS Detoxadine 30 mL 


Additional support information:  

22 December, 2021 – Dr. Mercola – How to Do the Spike Protein Detox

– If you had COVID-19 or received a COVID-19 injection, you may have dangerous spike proteins circulating in your body

– Spike proteins can circulate in your body after infection or injection, causing damage to cells, tissues and organs

– The World Council for Health has released a spike protein detox guide, which provides straightforward steps you can take to potentially lessen the effects of toxic spike protein in your body

– Spike protein inhibitors and neutralizers include pine needles, ivermectin, neem, Nacetylcysteine (NAC) and glutathione

– The top 10 spike protein detox essentials include vitamin D, vitamin C, nigella seed, quercetin, zinc, curcumin, milk thistle extract, NAC, ivermectin and magnesium


21 September, 2021 – How to Detox From The Vaccine and The Lies of Covid: Dr. Robert O Young  (video)


Herbal Protection Formula – target organs: 

Baikal Skullcap Dan Shen Ginkgo Rhodiola Mushroom Forte Pelargonium Licorice







Covid-19 Prevention and Early Treatment Protocols – at a Glance

Covid-19  ‘Over-the-counter’ natural prevention and early self treatment: 

Collated in response to community need by M. Harris and M. Gardiner.  

Please consult a health practitioner if symptoms persist beyond 2-3 days. 


Two options are provided. The first uses a convenient quadruple ingredient capsule and the second, allows you to purchase the individual ingredients to make up your own stack:

Protocol 1:  

Imuni Immune Defence – One twice a day;  Vitamin D3 1000IU two twice a day

Protocol 2:

Zinc elemental 25 mg one twice a day;  Vitamin D3 1000 IU two twice a day;  Vitamin C  500 mg one twice a day;          Quercitin 500 mg one twice a day



Elemental Zinc.  50mg                                                     2 times a day.1,7

Vitamin D3   2000iu                                                          2 times a day2 

Vitamin C   500mg                                                            2 times a day3,7

Quercetin  500mg                                                             2 times a day 4,7



Bromelain 250 mg                                                               2 times a day5,7

Glutathione 400mg                                                             1 time a day6





  1. Zinc: Source: Immuni Immune Defence: Ingredients:  Zinc 40 mg, Vitamin D3 1000 IU, Vitamin C 500 mg, Quercitin 500 mg. Supplement with Vitamin D3 1000 IU 2 times a day.   Higher levels of intracellular zinc may inhibit the replication of RNA viruses. Zinc role in Covid-19 disease and prevention.  
  2. Vitamin D3  Up to 40000 IU/ day.  Vitamin D status appears to be strongly associated with COVID-19 clinical severity.  Three New Studies Support Vitamin D’s Role in Preventing and Treating Covid-19. 
  3. Vitamin C  Best to use an alkalising form of Vitamin C such as sodium ascorbate. Source: Australian Organic Products   High Dose Vitamin C Has Successfully Treated 50 Moderate to Severe Covid-19 Patients
  4.  Quercitin     Bioceuticals Quercetain practitioner only Quercetin 600 mg  Bromelain  200 mg.  Antiviral Effects of Quercitin through Zinc Ionophore Activity  Quercetin chelates with zinc and acts as a zinc ionophore raising intracellular zinc levels and reducing viral replication. If Quercitin is unavailable, use Carusos One a Day green Tea extract
  5. Bromelain activates natural killer T cells and has a significant anti-inflammatory action. Source: Herbs of Gold Bromelain Forte   
  6. Glutathione may protect against the severe inflammatory response triggered by COVID-19 .      Sources: Quantum Healing Centre Glutathione 400 m  NAC (N- Acetyl – Cysteine) 300 m   Phosphatidyl Choline (Lecithin)  500 mg.  NAC is a precursor to antioxidant Glutathione. NAC is mucolytic with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.  Liposomal sublingual Glutathione is recommended for optimal absorption: Bioceuticals Liposomal Glutathione 100 mg  practitioner only.
  7. The Study of Quadruple Therapy Zinc, Quercitin, Bromelain and Vitamin C on the Clinical outcomes of Patients Infected with COVID-19.


Additional Information:



Green tea antioxidant ‘catechins’ could help suppress COVID: NTNU study

Covid-19 Treatment Protocols – Supporting Information


Information to accompany:

Covid-19 Prevention and Early Treatment Protocols – at a Glance

See also: 

Covid-19 Prevent/Reduce Vaccination Side Effects



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12 October, 2020 – Ambulatory Treatment of COVID-19. Peter McCullough, MD


Covid-19 Early Treatment Protocols: 


Dr Peter McCullough Covid-19 Treatment Protocol






C19Protocols – Reducing Risk of COVID-19 Infection and Severity.pdf


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