Gardasil and HPV

Images of a few of the women we have done articles about who had their lives destroyed by the HPV vaccine.



21 August, 2023 – Important Reads: Will HPV Vaccination Prevent Cervical Cancer?


Non vaccinated women continue to benefit from screening with pap smear

During the same period, older women (and therefore unvaccinated) saw their cancer risk decrease significantly:

less 17% for women aged 55 to 59 (from 9.7 to 8.1),

less 13% for women aged 60 to 64 ( from 10.3 to 8.9),

less 23% for those aged 75 to 79 (from 11.5 to 8.8)

and even less 31% for those aged 80 to 84 (from 14.5 to 10).


Has Gardasil Really Eliminated Cervical Cancer in Australia?

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Why Are UK Experts Recommending the HPV Vaccine for Seniors Over 60 Years Old?



21 January, 2023 – Can HPV Vaccine Prevent Cervical Cancer: Current Studies (Part 3)

In part 1 and part 2 of this series, we discussed the HPV vaccine and its links to ovarian insufficiency and autoimmune disease. In part 3, we turn to questions regarding the effectiveness of the vaccine to prevent cervical cancer, and the limitations of relevant clinical trials to detect such a type of effect.

14 April, 2023 – Evidence of Serious Adverse Events in What Is Believed to Be One of the Most Effective Vaccines (Part 1)

In this HPV vaccine series, Parts I and II explain how the vaccine works and the evidence suggesting there may be legitimate safety concerns. The remaining parts present questions about real-world vaccine effectiveness and identify specific ingredients which may pose harm.

16 January, 2023 – Concerns of Increased Neurological and Autoimmune Events After HPV Vaccines: Large Studies (Part 2)

Vaccination is unjustified if the vaccine carries any substantial risk, as healthy teenagers face little to no risk of dying from cervical cancer. Risk-benefit analyses must be conducted to ascertain the overall balance of benefits and harms on both individual and societal levels.


Gardasil Lawsuit Claims HPV Vaccine Caused Teen Severe Injuries • Children’s Health Defense

See Video: Sacrificial Virgins – Not for the Greater Good – Part 1

Link:  Sanevax

The Safe Vaccine Debate – 1. Sacrificial Virgins

The HPV Vaccination can cause very serious Side Effects! – TennisCoach

HPV Vaccine Fact Sheet.doc.pdf

HPV VAERS Report – July-2019.pdf

Australian Data Cancer Epidemic in Gardasil Girls • Children’s Health Defense

A cross-sectional study of the relationship between reported human papillomavirus vaccine exposure and the incidence of reported asthma

Indian Parliament Comes Down Hard on Cervical Cancer Trial

Alleged Irregularities in the Conduct of Studies using HumanPapilloma Virus (HPV) Vaccine by Path in India (Departmentof Health Research, Ministry of Health.pdf

CDC Paid Maryland $123 Million to Promote Gardasil Vaccine as Requirement for School Attendance


Dr. Sin Hang Lee Challenges Medical and Scientific Community – re Gardasil. 

Dr. Sin Lee & HPV DNA Fragments in Gardasil 9 Vaccine


Vaccine Safety News from Finland to SaneVax

The association of adverse events with bivalent human papilloma virus vaccination_ A nationwide register-based cohort study in Finland.

Finnish Citizens Conduct Own Vaccine Safety Study and Question Health Authorities Letting 12-Year-Olds Make Own Decisions About HPV Vaccine without Parental Consent

Questions-on-the-Finnish survey-2019.pdf

Finnish post vaxx Questionnaire-Abstract-2019 (3)

Finnish post vaxx Complete-questionnaire-paper-2019.pdf

French petition against HPV vaccines

Gardasil controversy_ Freedom of Information disclosure reveals more deaths in Australia after HPV vaccination

Human papillomavirus vaccination of adult women and risk of autoimmune and neurological diseases.pdf

Lawsuit Filed Against Pharmaceutical Giant Merck on Behalf of Young Man Allegedly Injured by Gardasil • Children’s Health Defense

Molecular mimicry_ Body Confusion of “Self” and _Non-Self” (More Evidence on HPV Vaccines and Autoimmunity) • Children’s Health Defense

Safety concerns with human papilloma virus immunization in Japan

The association of adverse events with bivalent human papilloma virus vaccination_ A nationwide register-based cohort study in Finland.

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