Covid-19 Prevention and Early Treatment Protocols – at a Glance

Covid-19  ‘Over-the-counter’ natural prevention and early self treatment: 

Collated in response to community need by M. Harris and M. Gardiner.  

Please consult a health practitioner if symptoms persist beyond 2-3 days. 


Two options are provided. The first uses a convenient quadruple ingredient capsule and the second, allows you to purchase the individual ingredients to make up your own stack:

Protocol 1:  

Imuni Immune Defence – One twice a day;  Vitamin D3 1000IU two twice a day

Protocol 2:

Zinc elemental 25 mg one twice a day;  Vitamin D3 1000 IU two twice a day;  Vitamin C  500 mg one twice a day;          Quercitin 500 mg one twice a day



Elemental Zinc.  50mg                                                     2 times a day.1,7

Vitamin D3   2000iu                                                          2 times a day2 

Vitamin C   500mg                                                            2 times a day3,7

Quercetin  500mg                                                             2 times a day 4,7



Bromelain 250 mg                                                               2 times a day5,7

Glutathione 400mg                                                             1 time a day6





  1. Zinc: Source: Immuni Immune Defence: Ingredients:  Zinc 40 mg, Vitamin D3 1000 IU, Vitamin C 500 mg, Quercitin 500 mg. Supplement with Vitamin D3 1000 IU 2 times a day.   Higher levels of intracellular zinc may inhibit the replication of RNA viruses. Zinc role in Covid-19 disease and prevention.  
  2. Vitamin D3  Up to 40000 IU/ day.  Vitamin D status appears to be strongly associated with COVID-19 clinical severity.  Three New Studies Support Vitamin D’s Role in Preventing and Treating Covid-19. 
  3. Vitamin C  Best to use an alkalising form of Vitamin C such as sodium ascorbate. Source: Australian Organic Products   High Dose Vitamin C Has Successfully Treated 50 Moderate to Severe Covid-19 Patients
  4.  Quercitin     Bioceuticals Quercetain practitioner only Quercetin 600 mg  Bromelain  200 mg.  Antiviral Effects of Quercitin through Zinc Ionophore Activity  Quercetin chelates with zinc and acts as a zinc ionophore raising intracellular zinc levels and reducing viral replication. If Quercitin is unavailable, use Carusos One a Day green Tea extract
  5. Bromelain activates natural killer T cells and has a significant anti-inflammatory action. Source: Herbs of Gold Bromelain Forte   
  6. Glutathione may protect against the severe inflammatory response triggered by COVID-19 .      Sources: Quantum Healing Centre Glutathione 400 m  NAC (N- Acetyl – Cysteine) 300 m   Phosphatidyl Choline (Lecithin)  500 mg.  NAC is a precursor to antioxidant Glutathione. NAC is mucolytic with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.  Liposomal sublingual Glutathione is recommended for optimal absorption: Bioceuticals Liposomal Glutathione 100 mg  practitioner only.
  7. The Study of Quadruple Therapy Zinc, Quercitin, Bromelain and Vitamin C on the Clinical outcomes of Patients Infected with COVID-19.


Additional Information:



Green tea antioxidant ‘catechins’ could help suppress COVID: NTNU study

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