COVID-19 Virus Proof?

26 August, 2023 – Proving There Is No Covid 19 Virus Part 1: With An Assist From The CDC!

In this video, we look at a Freedom of Information Act Request that the CDC provided that they say constitutes “proof” that Covid is a virus, is contagious and that it causes disease.

We go through source by source to show that this is inaccurate. We compare electron microscope images of “Covid” and show there are identical particles known to exist in cells already and researchers pointed this out in 2020.

We review the inappropriate controls used to compare “Covid” testing.

9 September, 2023 – Proving There Is No Covid Virus Part 9: Antibodies, Behring, Diphtheria, Vitamin C

In this video, we continue with the discussion about antibodies, we look at the first acknowledged paper that references the idea of antibodies by Emil Von Behring and Kitashato Shibasaburu in relation to diptheria.

We briefly touch on their relationship to Robert Koch (who proposed Koch’s postulates). We then look at multiple failures of the diptheria vaccine that supposedly is conveying said antibodies to people. We then look at that fact that other entities, including vitamin C have been shown to neutralize diptheria.

So, if we haven’t isolated an antibody, and we know other things can neutralize diptheria, how can we come to conclusion that antibodies necessarily convey immunity?

9 September, 2023 – Proving There Is No Covid Virus Part 10: More Antibodies, Tetanus, Vitamin C And “Side Chain” Theory

In this video, we continue looking at the evidence for Antibodies going back to the time of Paul Ehrlich and explore the evidence of the “Side Chain” theory.

We briefly discuss the evidence of the effect of Vitamin C on both diptheria and tetanus to demonstrate that neutralization is not exclusive to the antibody idea.

We look at Ehrlich’s presentation to the Royal Society and some of his research works on “side chain” theory and find much of his experimental evidence is lacking.

9 September, 2023 – Proving There Is No Covid Virus Part 11:  Antibody “Lock And Key”, Linus Pauling, Arsenic, And “Precipitate”

In this video, continue to look at the “lock and key” Antibody theory that supposedly proves unique antigen-antibody interactions.

We look at the figure of Linus Pauling, his previous works, his history with vitamin C.

We review the experiments he references that the NIH says “prove” antigen-antibody interactions in lock and key fashion.                                                                                                                               

10 September, 2023 – Proving There Is No Covid Virus Part 13 Addendum: Cleaning Up The Antibody Story, Electrophoresis, And Benzene

In this video, we continue to look the supposed benefits anti bodies or the class of particles called Gamma Globulins that they supposedly constitute.

We will see that it appears there are some useful clinical applications for their use at times but we covered side effects, including potentially fatal ones, in the previous lecture.

We will touch on potential environmental exposures that could be causing symptoms expressed in agammaglobunemia which would been use of gamma globulins is indicated. We will cover electrophoresis as an isolating agent and how fragile a process this can be.

10 September 2023 – Proving There Is No Covid Virus Part 13: Antibodies “IGG, IGM, IGE,” Ultracentrifugation, And Side Effects

In this video, we  finally discuss the origin of the supposedly “unique:” anti-bodies such as IgG, IgM, and IgE etc., how ultracentrifugation is used to identify differences in anti bodies.

Yet we keep finding new sources of potential error but no reproducibility studies of old literature?

We see more examples of both antibodies and white blood cell counts not being sufficient to explain immunity. And finally we look at the side effect profile of administering these immunoglobulins.

22 September, 2023 – Proving There Is No Covid Part 19: Wrapping Up The ACE 2 Narrative

This lecture is the culmination of several other lectures so reviewing the lectures on CPE, cDNA and the previous Renin, Hypertensin, and angiotensin lectures will be necessary to understand it.

We deconstruct the idea that ACE 2 is a membrane bound receptor. We will see that they did not do appropriate experiments to determine that Sars Cov 1 attached to ACE 2 and the problem compounds with Covid 19. We will see that despite multiple recommendations since 2020 to use ACE 2 blocker when we actually implement the practice there is no noticeable difference in “Covid” outcomes.

So, how can we say ACE 2 is the entry point for the virus into cells if in the real world when we use medications to block the receptor it does impact the disease at all?

22 September, 2023 – Proving There Is No Covid Part 20: Wrap Up Problem With Staining For Electron Microscopes

In this video, we finally cover staining procedures for viewing images of virus in electron microscopes.

We review the work of Harold Hillman and his disputing of current views on electron microscope and the nature of artifacts in the slides.

We cover the staining process used on “Covid 19” that requires uranyl acetate and lead citrate, both of which have confirmed toxicity to kidney tissues which is what Covid virus images are tested against.


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