Pro-informed Choice is a resource for navigating through rapidly changing times.

Freedom is the vision. Research is a means to awakening, and Action is the path.

We envision a healthy and happy future for ourselves, our families, our children and the generations to come.

We freely share information about the multitude and seemingly overwhelming challenges before us.

We provide links to resources for building futures of our own choice and making.

Medical freedom is central to our current plight and we strongly support informed choice for all.
Independent and rigorous science and research on the safety and efficacy of all vaccines is a much needed foundation for informed choice. However, much of the science remains ‘undone’.

We are pro good science. We provide you with available research into most of the major vaccines on the schedules in order that you may be well-informed in decisions that affect you and your families’ well-being. Many of the articles and papers are available as a live link or a pdf.

Full research articles can appear at first to be too much to take in. Reading the Abstract and Conclusion is a way to get an overview. The devil, however, is often in the detail. The conclusion may not adequately reflect all of the findings. Articles about research often provide useful and more understandable critiques.

We invite readers to forward resource links. In particular in the fields of Action where other users may benefit greatly from finding connections to people coming together for a common cause, be it activism, localization, home-schooling, or even conscious death and dying.

We don’t claim to deliver truth. We are about providing credible science, opinion and investigative journalism from many sources. There are many views, reports, analyses and opinions beyond the Mainstream Media. Please use your own critical thinking balanced with your inner ‘knowing’ to draw you own hypotheses and conclusions.

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The author has worked as a social worker in Australia in community health, health promotion, hospitals and intellectual disability. He also has worked as a qualified naturopath and medical herbalist. He founded Green Pharm Health Products, manufacturing and wholesaling liquid herbal extracts to health practitioners. He has been a long term advocate of certified organically grown food and medicine. His children were selectively vaccinated, combined with homeoprophylaxis.

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