2,114 excess suicides from Canadians losing their livelihood to the lockdowns

new study from the University of Toronto predicts 2,114 excess suicides by the end of 2021 due to COVID-19 lockdowns. By excess, they mean above and beyond what would normally be expected in Canada.

And there were already enough. According to Statistics Canada, suicide is the 9th leading cause of death in the Great White north, with 3,811 citizens taking their life in 2018.

How will corona containment measures be the cause of this 50% increase in suicides over the next 18 months? “Macroeconomic indicators, notably unemployment, are significant moderators of suicide,” says the abstract. It goes on to describe how an observed correlation between unemployment and suicide would affect the “one-in-ten working-age individuals” who “lost their jobs or worked less than half their usual hours as a result of the widespread restrictions imposed in March 2020.”

What’s even more concerning is that this study only forecasts suicides based on unemployment. Other factors such as social isolation would also contribute to suicides rates, would they not? And this is still not including death from poverty and malnutrition which also rises with unemployment.

2,114+ deaths. All to (supposedly) protect seriously ill people at the end of their life from a virus that tests show, again and again, is no more deadly than a severe flu season.

Mainstream media has convinced people that one is being compassionate by supporting lockdown. Please share this, so that their compassion may move them to do a little more research. Don’t let others shame you into silence.



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