The Voice

Lurnpa David Cole Exposes the ‘The Voice’ Referendum Scheme

Lurnpa David Cole exposes the Corporate Globalist Australian Government’s ‘The Voice’ scheme to Referendum the People, alter the Constitution, and take away natural sovereign rights of Australians.

‘No’ supporter Senator Price blows whistle on $100m-a-day Indigenous industry

The Voice – Grandmother Mulara

See above 11 May, 2023 – My Thoughts on The Voice

A number of valid reasons to oppose the Voice referendum

Red Over Black – Behind Aboriginal Land Right 1984 (Relevant to Constitutional Voice Issue Aus 2022)

Native Title is not ‘land rights’



Indigenous Voice ‘a Trojan horse’ that risks upending our government

” They’re using aboriginals for the purpose of destroying the Westminster System ” – Prof. Augusto Zimmerman

27 June, 2023 – Voice campaign being “rigged” by Labor – Tony Abbott

20 June, 2023 – Senate votes to allow Voice referendum (Video)



The National Indigenous Australians Agency currently has an annual budget of $2595 million. “To ensure Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have a say in the decisions that affect them.” ” To provide advice to the Prime Minister and the Minister for indigenous Australians..”  




Why the racist “Voice” will tear Australia apart

Do You Really Understand The Voice? 

No To the Voice by Elders (Video)

Vote No to the divisive Voice and save millions 

The UN “Indigenous” rights agenda is a device to implement global governance everywhere

The true intention behind the United Nations practice of “Welcome to Country” is part of a UN plot to bring in global governance. It is a strategic maneuver with psychological implications, aimed at undermining and fragmenting our unity.

The recognition by the United Nations of indigenous territory is a global phenomenon observed in the United States, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

Uluru Elders; This Canvas (the voice) is a Trouble Maker



28 September, 2022 – International law and The Voice 

In short, this movement is a reversal of our accepted political arrangements. It is taking power from democratically elected parliaments and vesting it in courts, non-government organisa­tions and transnational bodies. Voters are increasingly finding their representatives beholden to international treaties, interna­tional legal conventions, foreign precedents, transnational bureaucrats and lawyers.

This is the environment through which the current demand for the Voice has emerged. Australian voters are being left in the legal dark. The Voice is a move to create new constitutional entitlements by stealth. It would jettison the principle that, no matter when they or their ancestors arrived here, all Australians are equal. If it is successful, the real victims will be the majority of Australian voters who will find their country’s long-standing political commitment to egalitarianism and a fair go has been emasculated behind their back.

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