Globalism and Abusive Relationships

Increasing degrees of totalitarian control in our post COVID-19  ‘bio-security’ world is abuse on a global scale profoundly affecting both adults and children.

Exposure to extreme abuse arising from lockdowns, mask and vaccine mandates surveillance and coercion crushes a sense of personal value and worthiness.

Global predators , the perpetrators, systematically use a plethora of mass psychology strategies to create widespread unconditional obedience in order to further their plans as outlined in Lockstep, Agenda 21, Agenda 2030 and The Great Reset.

Being aware of the game plan of global control towards a centralized, technocratic world government allows us to transcend their psychological operations and build a future based on wisdom, compassion and personal power.



15 signs you might be in an abusive relationship [with governments and globalists as the abusers].

Take a moment and read the 15, considering how each applies re: the current world  situation.

From the Workplace Mental Health Institute.



Psychological Warfare | How the Tyrants Manipulate the Masses

September, 2021 – Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Human Rights and Freedom 


‘The Guy Who Decides COVID Restrictions’ (Satire)

‘The Guy Who Decides COVID Restrictions’ Part 2 (Satire)

Pastor Artur Pawlowski opens up about being called a ‘super-spreader’ for hosting church services outdoors (and indoors)

Dramatic Melbourne arrest caught on camera (warning:disturbing footage)



Lockstep: The Rockefeller Foundation 2010


Research and articles: 

Manipulation of the Masses – Strong and Free Canada

“In 1957 sociologist Albert Biderman developed a framework for understanding the methods foreign governments used to extract false confessions from American prisoners of war. It has come to be called Biderman’s Chart of Coercion. This is Biderman’s Chart as applied to how governments are using the same tactics in this fake pandemic to manipulate the masses.”

Bidermans chart of coercion


19 September, 2021 – COVID-19 and the Global Predators

“It’s just…” – Why I Won’t Submit

The Melbourne Syndrome

Is Systemic Gaslighting The Government’s Answer To Covid-19?

Gaslighting is affecting you, your relationships and your politics


Globalism and structural violence.

The structural violence of globalization

COVID Plans Include Family Separation & Involuntary Quarantine in “Camps”

‘Calamitous’: domestic violence set to soar by 20% during global lockdown.

COVID-19 and the rise of intimate partner violence

COVID-19, Authoritarian Neoliberalism, and Precarious Migrant Work in Singapore: Structural Violence and Communicative Inequality

COVID-19 Lockdowns and Domestic Violence.

Shutdowns Spur Mental Health Crisis in US, Experts Say

2,114 excess suicides from Canadians losing their livelihood to the lockdowns

Suicide Claimed More Lives in October Than 10 Months of COVID-19 in Japan, Report Shows

Lockdowns make lives poorer, not longer, new study finds


New normal oxymorons: Neglectful caring and compassionate tyranny

The tyrannical crime of “keeping people safe”



Mask Wearing is Ritualistic Submission.

The rise of Mask hysteria – what is the mask issue really masking?

Masks Are a Psychological Preparation for Mandatory Vaccinations


The Greater Reset Activation

The Greater Reset 

The Greater Reset (Trailer)

TCR Live #118: What is The Greater Reset? – podcast

Derrick Broze is back for another episode of The Conscious Resistance Live and more uncensored news. In this episode Derrick will go over the latest from World Economic Forum and The Great Reset and discuss how we can counter it with The Greater Reset.

Freedom Cells and The Greater Reset — Solutions Watch – video


LFN #74 – The Greater Reset Activation Day 1 – The Agora -podcast

Day 1 features Rosa Koire, Derrick Broze, John Bush, James Corbett, Charles Eisenstein, Mike Swatek, and Sal Mayweather! We will be focusing on economic and financial solutions that offer a counter to Wall Street, corporate-state economics.

Day 1: The Agora: The Greater Reset Activation – video 3:40:04

Videos from Day 1


LFN #75 – The Greater Reset Day 2 – Health and Education – podcast

Day 2 speakers include Julianne Romanello, Sayer Ji and Kelly Brogan, Richard Grove, Lainie Liberti, and Dolores Cahill.

The Greater Reset Day 2 – Health and Education – video 3:20:54

Videos from Day 2


LFN #76 – The Greater Reset Day 3 – Reconnecting to Nature – podcast

Day 3 speakers include Marjory Wildcraft, Christian Westbrook, and Jack Spirko.

The Greater Reset Day 3 – Reconnecting to Nature – video 3:16:22

Videos from Day 3


LFN #77 – The Greater Reset Day 4 – The Liberating Side of Technology – podcast

Day 4 features Kingsley Edwards, Jeremy Kaufman, Brady Gaisser, Matt McKibbin, ArcturianX and Ramiro Romani!

We will be focusing on the dark side of technology AND the liberating side of technology.


Videos from Day 4


LFN #78 – The Greater Reset Day 5 – Building Community – podcast

Day 5  features Rebecca Powers, Ted Rau, Stephen Brooks, and Freedom Cell organizers Nicole Sauce, Lisa Bowman, and Yohan Tengra from the Freedom Cell Network!

We are focused on different ways to organize our communities, ideas for opting out, and presentations from those who have actually succeeded in building community!


Videos from Day 5


LFN#79 – The Greater Reset Day 6 – Bonus Day of Solutions- podcast

Day 6: Taking a wholistic look including permaculture, entrepreneurship, veganism, vaccines and choice, Foster Gamble, and the Thrive movement.


Videos from Day 6


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Live Free Now W/ John Bush


The Conscious Resistance w/ Derrick Broze


Freedom Airway and Travel Alliance (video) 

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